I would like to introduce to you the reader Still On Journey’s new Parka. Our parka is designed for any situation. We designed a versatile parka that could meet the demands of travels, workers, hikers, and city as well.

Some of the key functions of our jacket include: the fabric is soft, lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. The entire parka folds down into a little bag which it can then be put into a much larger bag. There are two pockets on the inside which are ideal for carrying passports or wallets. There are also two side pockets on the outside as well. The inside has a mesh material lining which helps the jacket breathe.

The factory where Still on Journey’s parka is being made is staffed with experienced and highly motivated workers who want to produce great parkas. Our jacket has undergone numerous revisions to perfect the overall design.

The members of Still On Journey are experienced travelers who noticed that a lightweight, comfortable, and durable jacket was needed. One of our members is an international NGO volunteer. His volunteer work has brought him all over Africa, the middle east, South Pacifica, and Asia. These missions have given him unique insights into how a jacket should be designed. Another member is a graphic designer turned digital nomad. His travels have brought him all over Asia, America, Then Middle East, and South Pacifica.

In closing, Still on Journey would like to ask you the customer to support us in our new creative endeavors. The reason we came together to form Still on Journey was to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and to take a journey near or far.